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In the year 2120, in an alternate universe, Earth crossed paths and was struck by an onslaught of meteors. The damage was devastating. Impressive towering cities that used to dominate the landscape are now reduced to crumbling wastelands, the worlds population of 9 Billion is now reduced to less than 300 Million, to survive the harsh environment the meteors left in their aftermath the beautiful animals of the world have evolved into more deadly monstrous creatures, continents shifted and were broken up by the barrage creating scattered islands through-out the vast oceans. But that was just the beginning of this literal Hell on Earth. After the destruction settled, new life forms started to emerge from the meteors, attacking any and all with no discretion. With their sharp, rigid, scythe-like appearances they came to be known as The Mantis. Countries who used to fight over menial things like money and resources banded together to create a coalition to fight these monstrosities. That coalition was named The Sentinels, a name created for the very thing they needed to do, defend…. To defend their home. Earth. With the creation of The Sentinels the remaining population swarmed to them, in hopes for their protection in the last city of humanity, the City of Prospect. With the Mantis swarm assaulting their gates, humanities last stand seemed hopeless. The Sentinels were fighting with everything they had but they were falling. Humanity was at it’s wits end, until a giant city emerged from the skies and rained fire on the the Mantis swarm. Eradicating any that overstayed their welcome. With the help of the mysterious city, the Mantis were beaten back and humanity was able gain a foothold on it’s home again.

Who were these saviours that descended from the heavens and pushed this demonic army back? In the far West, for decades, a secret faction calling themselves The Skywardens, created a city. Infusing it with newly learned magic the Celestial City would shepherd humanities evolution into a new dawn of existence. When the first onslaught of meteors first hit the Earth, The Skywardens were able to utilize their newly attained magic skills to come out of the meteor barrage unscathed. After the barrage the Celestial City bided their time for the moment to strike. While they float, safe in the clouds they eventually got wind of humanities last stand at the City of Prospect. With frightful speed the Celestial City moved into place to crush the Mantis swarm and help retake their home. Together the two coalitions combined their powers, The Skywardens to guard the skies with their magic as the Sentinels to guard the ground, humanity was able to have a sense of hope again.

25 Years after humanities brush with extinction, both The Sentinels and The Skywardens have been combining their efforts in creating new strategems and finding new weaknesses in the Mantis army. An academy was founded on the sole purpose of educating and training new Sentinels in the ongoing war with the Mantis. As a newly graduate of the academy you walk amongst those you don’t know into a giant coliseum. This is where your story begins soldiers, time to man up an test your wits against the most ruthless enemy humanity has ever had to face The Mantis.

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